What I’ve Learned From My Dog about Trail Running

I take my dog running with me on the trails a lot.  My reasons for taking him originally began because he is an energetic dog, and he needed the exercise and the outlet.  But lately he is becoming a better trail buddy (his breed, a Belgian Malinois,  did make Top Ten Dg Breeds for Trail Runners!) and I really enjoy exploring the trails with him.  I’ve even learned a few things from this young pup 🙂  Here’s the best advice I’ve taken from NiKYO, my one year old Belgian Malinois:

  • Pace doesn’t matter. Sometimes it is really fun to run fast, but sometimes slow it down and enjoy the movement of your body. Don’t waste time checking your watch.
  • If you get a chance to get outside and run, it is a GOOD DAY.
  • Mileage?  Just run, whatever you have time for, even 15 minutes outside running makes it a GOOD DAY.
  • Stick with your running partner.  If they are having a hard day, help pull them along.
  • New paths are fun! You never know what you might find around the corner.
  • Getting to see some wildlife on the trail is really, really, cool.
  • Always bring extra poo bags. Always.

He has a quite simple philosophy about trail running.  And I always know his answer if I ask him: “Do you want to go running??” 🙂