Jumping Logs!

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Both Saturday and Sunday were trail running days at Starkey Park.  Saturday was a longer run of 7 miles, and also some more work on the Map Project.  We did not run on any brand new trails, but went on some that I had not run on in a while, just to get my bearings again.  I will add them to my growing Starkey Map.  I’ve already had a few requests for copies of the map as soon as they are available 😉

I also took a slight detour (meaning, off the trail), for a little parkour fun.  It’s not a huge log by any means, but NiKYO and I had a great time leaping back and forth across the log while Sean snapped photos.  NiKYO is getting a lot better at hearing commands (“Over”) and reacting immediately to them. That dog sure was born to trail run!!


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