Trail Training- not what you think!


This morning NiKYO and I set out for “Trail Run Thursday” for some training.  Training?  Marathon training?  Speed training?  Intervals, tempo runs, repeats?  No… not that kind of training.  This morning was “Trail Running Manners for Dogs” training.  NiKYO is a young dog, and running on trails is pretty much like being at Disney World for him (read: over-stimulating!), so I took advantage of a quiet morning at the park to reinforce some of his trail manners.  I brought my dog training clicker and some treats for added motivation.  Running nicely with mom and not pulling on the leash? Click. Treat. Repeat.  He was still pretty excited on the run, but about 50% less spazzy than usual.

We also worked on our Map Project some.  We did not visit any new trails, but instead took some photos of key intersections of trails we have already mapped out.  The old bench is on the main hiking path, right at the turn off to go onto Moccasin Way.  The photo of NiKYO is on the path Deer Crossing, and understandably, he is looking for some deer (we didn’t see any today).  The last photo is Oak Trail Way which leads off of Deer Crossing.

Someone asked me if these were the real names of the paths, or if I made them up.  Yes, of course I made them all up.  But I think it is much easier (and more fun) to describe a path with a name, rather than, “Oh, you know, the one that leads East? And then cuts South for a bit? Yeah, the one that has that puddle?  No, not that puddle, the other one? …”   So, NiKYO and I will continue tracking our progress, taking photos, and making up names. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trail Training- not what you think!

  1. NiKYO is really cute!!


  2. OMG, what beautiful pictures!!! Glad you guys had a good time!! XOXO!


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