Why You Don’t Need to “Crush It” Every Time

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Thursday morning is my run morning with NiKYO.  We are pretty excited about our map project, so I was ready to go!  There are a few trails that are not too far off the main hiking path that I wanted to check out and add to our map.  We got to one, and started down it.  It was pretty rough, and has not been used in a long time (or ever), plus there were some signs of wild boar being on it (lots of dug up dirt).  We did not get very far when I decided that this would be a better trail to explore when it wasn’t just me and NiKYO, even though he’s a very brave pup.  So we turned back to the main trail.  At this point, it was feeling pretty hot and humid, and my legs were worn out from being busy this week.  I stopped and regrouped.  NiKYO was hot, I was hot, there was no reason to make this run long and miserable.  I changed our route to take us on just a short 2.5 mile run.

You do not have to “Crush It” every time.  You do not need every run or workout to be better, longer, faster, stronger than the last one you did.  I have seen many people training for races, training in the gym to lose weight, training to get stronger, etc. that get too worried about every workout being their best.  While it is good to want to progress and get better, it can be a mistake to think that the path to getting there is always beating yourself up and crushing it with every workout.  Recovery days are essential to making progress, as they keep your body from breaking down.  If you start a workout and just aren’t feeling it physically, then maybe it is a good day to dial it back and go a little easier on yourself.  And then when your body has recovered and you are feeling your best, then THAT is the day to push your limits!

Even though I cut our run shorter and dialed back the intensity today, we did take a detour on one of the “Birding Trails”  which was some nice single-track – including lots of log jumping, tree weaving, and leash untangling!  The photos above are from the bird trail.


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