3 Tips to Getting Faster Right Now!


It’s spring time, and all of the local 5K races are cropping up.  You are motivated to get out there and run, and motivated to try and get a faster time from your last 5K.  So what is your plan?  Most of us think that we should hit the pavement, time every run, and try to get faster each time we get out there.  Right?  That might work for a little while, but as a long term plan it is inefficient and may even cause injuries.  So what should you do?  Here are 3 tips to get faster now! DCIM103GOPRO

  1. Train at the correct training pace for each run.  You shouldn’t run every run as fast as you can, but you also need to include some speed work to break through any plateaus you may have reached.  Aim to do two-thirds of your running at an easy pace, and the other third a speed work run.  And make sure there is some easy running in the speed work days too: warm up, cool down, and recovery intervals.
  2. Vary the length of your runs.  If you are training for a 5K, should you run 3.1 miles every time you lace up?  No.  Varying your distance will help build a better aerobic base when you run longer, and allow you to recover faster when you run shorter.  Try upping the mileage on one run a week, and cutting back to a short run a different day of the week, with the same weekly mileage.
  3. Train on different terrain.  Are you a road runner always heading out your front door?  Or maybe a treadmill runner for convenience?  It is okay to have a preference, by choose different terrain to run on at least once a week.  This may be finding a route that is hilly, or finding an off road trail.  I am a big fan of trail running, and I believe it will make you a stronger and faster running just by adding a trail run once a week.

Tell me what changes you can make this week to help improve your running!  Want more tips like this?  Sign up for JennysFitness newsletter here.


5 thoughts on “3 Tips to Getting Faster Right Now!

  1. Tuesday’s are my speed days, so this morning I did a 1:3:1 tempo run with the warm-up/cool-down at 9 min/miles and the middle set at 7:30. It makes me feel so strong when I finish!


  2. Great tips, thanks for this…I am a “road runner” as I have gotten rid of the treadmill, I wanted to be outside more often. My 5ks are okay, but trying to go for my first half is scaring me …I am not sure if I can pull this off


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