Run Better! Form Technique Drill



If you want to run better, then you want to learn how to run more efficiently. This way, your energy is used moving yourself forward instead of used in any wasted movements. Take the time during your run to tune into yourself and practice using good technique. One technique you can work on, is reducing your vertical oscillation or, bouncing. If your running stride it too bouncy, you are also adding extra stress and impact onto your joints, as well as reducing the efficiency of your running stride. Instead of pushing off the ground hard, focus on lifting the knee and increasing your stride rate. Concentrate on landing softly and quietly on the ground. Visualize your body moving forward instead of up and down.

I often like to run with my dog, Nikyo, with his leash attached to my waist. When he runs in front (as he often does), I notice that I easily run without any extra bounce, and my motion is forward moving. When I run solo, I do take the time to practice keeping that same efficient running stride that comes easily with the nudge from having Nikyo tied to my waist: My stride rate turnover is quick, I am lifting the knee instead of pushing off the ground, I’m landing soft, and (with the leash attached), my motions are definitely moving forward.

You don’t need to worry about form and form drills for your entire run, but taking a few seconds every mile or so to “check in” with your running stride will help you run better, run more efficiently, and run faster. For more for drills, see my video of Running Form Drills.

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