Get Faster For Your Next 5K

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It’s spring time, and that means there are a lot of local 5K’s popping up everywhere.  Local 5K races are a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and get involved.  But they are also a great way to test your speed too.  To really race a 5K and improve your time, you need a training plan that incorporates speedwork.  If you have the time, 8 weeks is ideal.  That gives you enough time to develop your aerobic base (getting back in shape from the winter),  work on some speed and endurance, and finally to dial in for race preparation.  Ideally, your training plan will include race pace workouts, intervals at faster than race pace, lactate threshold tempo runs, and easy paced endurance builders.  Not sure where to start?  Here’s an example of a key race pace workout.  This one is best used in the race preparation phase, about 1-2 weeks away from your race:


  • 1K Repeats
  • Warm up with 1/2 mile to 1 mile of easy running
  • 1K Repeats:  Run 1000 meters at your goal 5 K race pace.  Jog easy 400 meters in between
  • Repeat for a total of 5,  1000 meter repeats (5K)
  • Cool Down with 1/2 mile to 1 mile of easy running

Do you want a personalized training plan made just for you?  My online training now incorporates all of my Running Coaching Plans that I have designed for my clients.  Whether you are a new runner, or more a more seasoned one who needs some direction, each plan is designed after you and I have gone over your current training, your goals, and your schedule.  Distances range from 5K through marathons and even ultra-marathons.  Go to my Online Training Page and sign up today to get faster this spring!


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