How to Automate Your Fitness


Getting fit and staying fit take work.  You need to exercise and eat right, period.  There are no shortcuts.  But what if I told you that there are a few shortcuts?  It’s not a magic pill or an overnight fix, but rather a way to automate your fitness.  Will it still take work?  Absolutely.  But once you have better tools, you won’t have to think about your fitness all the time, and you will be able to reach your goals and stay there much easier.

What do I mean by “Automate Your Fitness”?  In our busy lives, we have lots of tools we use to automate nearly everything in our lives. We can set our DVR’s to record our favorite shows to watch when we are ready.  We can program our smartphones to alert us for meetings, appointments, reminders, etc.  We can delegate and hire for jobs we don’t have time for.  The list goes on and on.  Once you set up a service, you don’t have to think much about it anymore, and the job gets taken care of.  I want to teach you how to apply that automated approach for fitness.  It will still take work, but now you will have some tools helping you along the way.

  1. Hire a trainer.  Of course I would mention this, I work one on one with clients everyday helping them get fit and reach their goals.  But there is more to it than me teaching them proper form and designing programs for them.  I am offering them a service to help automate their fitness so that they don’t have to plan workouts, research what works for them, push themselves harder.  In essence, all they have to do is show up for our session, and I take care of the rest.  The same is true for bootcamp and other fitness classes.  Let the trainer handle the workout!  You only need to show up ready to work out!
  2. Simplify Workouts.  When you are exercising on your own, take any complications (which lead to excuses) out of your exercise routine.  There is no need to come up with a crazy exercise routine to get into shape.  Go outside the door and go for a walk or a run.  Hop on your bike if you have one.
  3. Incorporate Activity into Daily Life.  The easiest way to stay on top of your fitness is to just stay active! Walk the dog, play with the kids, take a walk at lunch.  I am a big fan of using activity trackers such as the UP by Jawbone and the Fit Bit Flex.  Let these products automate it for you! Wear them all day, and they will let you know if you are getting enough activity.
  4. Eat the Same Thing for Breakfast.  Take the worry out of constructing the perfect breakfast (or lunch).  Eat the same thing for these meals, and it becomes automatic what you will eat.  I eat one of the same three breakfasts everyday: Oatmeal, Greek yogurt and fruit, or a Smoothie.  I use a Nutribullet for smoothies to make prep even faster.
  5. Use Your SmartPhone for Dinner.  You know you need to plan ahead to stick to healthy eating, let your smartphone help you out.  Using your Notes program or a To-Do list app, jot down a few simple dinner ideas for the week.  When you stop by the store, just pull up your list to make sure you buy all the ingredients.  Then keep the list to refer to during the busy weekdays to help you stay on track.  And make sure you keep the weekday meals simple!


Take the time to get one of these systems set in place.  It may take a little bit of set up work, but once you get going, you will see that using systems can really help you reach your fitness goals!  What ONE CHANGE can you do today to make your fitness easier for you?


3 thoughts on “How to Automate Your Fitness

  1. I like simplify workout option. It’s so true, plus basic workout are usually the most effective ones.



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