Free Online Running Clinic!



Are you looking to improve your running? Do you need tips on drills, flexibility, and strength exercises to help you become more efficient and prevent injury? Join my free Runner’s Clinic Series in February! This Runner’s Clinic is a series of videos that will be posted online. All you need to do to join is follow along! Each day, a video will be posted on JennysFitness Instagram and Facebook pages. On Friday, that week’s series will be combined into a video posted here on the JennysFitness blog. By the end of February you will have new tools to add to your running program to strengthen muscles, improve efficiency, and get faster! So who’s ready to run? Sign up now by following JennysFitness Instagram, Facebook, and blog! The first video will be up on Monday. I’ll see you on the trails!

4 thoughts on “Free Online Running Clinic!

  1. Look forward to reading it.


  2. Jenny, looking forward to this! Thanks to you tabatas are now in my weekly training programme.


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