Are you ready to maximize your fitness results while minimizing your exercise time?  Then get ready for HIIT training. HIIT, or, High Intensity Interval Training, was named the top fitness trend of 2014, according to the American College of Sport’s Medicine’s (ACSM) annual survey of fitness professionals worldwide.  HIIT involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery.  This type of training is considered a more effective and efficient form of cardio training.  Maximum results, minimal time.  Not just for cardio, you can apply these methods to strength training too, when used as a circuit style workout.  My bootcamp classes are taught this way, and it is intense!

So how do you do a HIIT cardio session?  Make sure your short bursts of activity are intense for the interval duration.  If it is a 30 second interval, make sure it is ALL OUT.  If it is a 3 minute interval, you should be hardly able to finish that 30 seconds of the 3 minutes.  When it is your recovery interval, let your heart rate come down and just go easy.  Then get ready for your next work interval.  Here’s one sample HIIT training that you can do as a run, bike, or any cardio machine:

Warm up easy for 5 minutes.  This is just getting your body ready for the intense work coming up.  Make sure you are loose and relaxed, and include a few dynamic stretches.  After warm up, begin the following workout: 2 minutes of hard effort, 1 minute of recovery.  Repeat for a total of 7 times.  Cool down with 5 minutes easy.  That’s it!  You are done!

I took my pup to the trails today for my HIIT trail run.  2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy.  Here are some shots from that workout!

4 thoughts on “HIIT IT!!

  1. OMG! Your German Shepherd is so cuuuuttteeee! My pup is only 10 weeks old, and I can’t wait for her to grow up and become my jogging body.

    As for HIIT, I love it. I normally change up speeds and add in some sprints when I run. This week I also tried out a Tabata workout, and it kicked my butt!!!


    PS. Did you have someone to take your pictures or do you have a Go-Pro?


    • Thank you!! He’s a Belgian Malinois, so he won’t get as big as a German Shepherd! He loves running! Yes, I used a GoPro today. Very fun!

      Did you try one of my Tabata videos from YouTube? I am running a Tabata challenge on my Facebook page (Jennysfitness) and Instagram (@jennysfitness). Check them out!


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