Finding Your Fitness Style


What is your fitness style?? (And I don’t mean which brand of tights you choose…)

You define your fashion style, decorating style, cooking style, style of automobile, style of your home, designer pets, etc. But have you defined your fitness style? Identifying your fitness style will help you plan exercise that is more rewarding and actually makes you excited to workout! I’m all about being excited to workout.

My fitness style… I love being outside and exploring, so trail running is a good fit for me.  I like the sense of accomplishment (not to mention the muscle tone) I get from weight training, thus, strength workouts motivate me.  I also love to motivate others, that’s why working out in a group, whether it is leading my bootcamp class or running trails with some friends (or my pup!) really fires me up.  Lastly, I love being efficient, so high intensity workouts (interval runs, bootcamp, circuit weight training) that work up a sweat and burn calories fast, are my go-to workouts on the weekdays.

Think about a time you were active that really left you feeling good about yourself.  Was it a nice relaxing solo run? Was it a group class where you were able to get some social time in as well? Do you prefer one on one with a trainer that will encourage you and push you? Maybe you really want a competitive team sport to challenge yourself. Or working out at home so that you can feel good about managing your time.  Establish your fitness style.  You may have a few different styles (after all we all have our jeans and sneakers days as well as our going out on the town days), but think of the ones that are best suited to you.  Plan those as your workouts. Make it fun! If fitness is fun, you will be much more likely to stick with it, and also more likely to choose workouts that will strengthen and improve the activities you want to participate in!  Need help finding a style?  Leave me a comment!

7 thoughts on “Finding Your Fitness Style

  1. I think I found my style, as you say, nice relaxing solo run!


  2. I totally agree with this! It took me a long time to figure out my fitness style but now that I have it has completely changed views on working out- I feel like its a treat rather then an obligation!


  3. Great post! I think I have my style down, but I recently challenged myself to shake that up a bit and now I’m even happier. Prob is trying to fit it all in but this year I intend to make an experiment out of becoming a “hybrid” road and trail ultra runner. Happy new year! LOVE the shot of you running on the trail!


  4. Awesome post! I have my style but my goal is to keep finding new things to incorporate. I’ve recently fallen in love with ultra/trail running and am excited to mix it up with road racing! BTW, love the pic of you running on the trails! Happy new year!


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