2014: Make Your Own Path

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photo(40)  Do you want to shape up for the New Year?  Don’t leave it to chance, make a plan to be more physically active and stick with it!  We all know that exercise can help us lose weight, look better, and feel better, but sometimes it is difficult to find your path to fitness.  Here are some tips to helping you make your own path towards fitness in 2014.

Find Motivation and Inspiration.  Seek out others that inspire you towards your own fitness journey.  Following their path can help inspire you to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Do The Job.  There’s a reason the famous Nike phrase “Just Do It” was so effective.  When you have a fitness plan, just go out and do the job.  Over-thinking it too much can lead to procrastination or even skipping a workout.  Schedule it into your day, and just DO THE JOB!

Map out the Month.  Take a look at your calendar and map out your exercise routine.  Which days you are at the gym, which days you are running outside, etc.  If you feel lost, seek out a trainer or coach to help you plan your month of workouts.

Activites that make you THRIVE.  Choose the activities that invigorate you.  Bootcamp classes are a great environment to foster confidence and friendship.  Trail running can help you connect with nature and recharge.  Yoga is perfect for quieting your mind and challenging your body.  Find what works for you!  It may be a combination of several!

Making your own path to fitness will help you reach your goals for the New Year.  Along with a healthy diet, 2014 can be YOUR YEAR!

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