Sometimes, It Is Good To Get Lost

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034     These days, we have a lot of chatter going on in our minds.  We have lots of things to do and not enough time. We have email, cell phones, text messages, and social media, keeping us connected at all times.  This is not always a bad thing, but it is also good to have a mental break from all of the buzz that goes on in our world.  That is why it is sometimes good to get lost.  We can use physical exercise to get lost and also reconnect to ourselves.

When we are really focusing on our bodies completing a physical task, our mind is forced to take a break from the mental chatter.  One of the reasons I love trail running, is it is a great place to “get lost” from our busy lives.   If we are running through the woods on a trail, we are immersed in nature, and our senses get to take in all that is around us.  Instead of worrying about how far the treadmill says we are while TV plays on the monitor in front of us, you are more immersed in noticing the sights and sounds, the terrain, and the path and where it will lead you.  Thirty minutes on the trails is more renewing than thirty minutes on a treadmill.

Aside from trail running, fitness can also be a way to get lost.  Trying something new, something you are afraid of, or conquering something you thought you could not do is a rewarding experience.  If you have never been a swimmer before, learning to swim will turn off your mental chatter, for sure!  I took several parkour classes with my teen boys, and I definitely was not thinking about my cell phone while I was climbing a ten foot wall.

It doesn’t always have to be a “big deal” physical exercise to get yourself lost in.  Maybe it is a group fitness class that is challenging enough that you need to focus on what you are doing instead of the mental chatter in the background.  Or maybe it’s a specific exercise that when you first see it you think: “I can’t do that.”  But instead of giving up, you challenge yourself to try, and get lost in the act of trying.  Even if you fail, your failure means you were trying, and that is rewarding.  And eventually you may conquer it after all.

I encourage you to Get Lost in your fitness.  Find something that engages you, something that you are immersed in completely.  Find a trail, find a challenge, find something that causes you to get lost for even just a little bit.

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