“What’s For Dinner?” : Your New Secret Weapon

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We all want to eat healthier and prepare more meals at home.  This is the key to a healthy diet.  But with work, family, and other commitments, food planning can take a back burner.  Coupled with a lack of inspiration and motivation, poor meal planning can  drive you (literally) to the nearest fast food line.  I’m here to share with you my newest secret weapon for meal planning: Pinterest.

I used to think Pinterest was for looking at pretty photos, browsing through fashion I’d never wear, or DIY projects I didn’t have time for.  It can be all of those too (read: entertainment), but lately I have been using it as a powerful tool for my weekly meal planning.  The first step is to create a board on your page.  I have two: Healthy Recipes and Weekday Healthy Meal Planning.  You can name your board whatever you like (Vegetarian Meals, Recipes My Kids Will Eat, Meals Fast Enough for Soccer Practice Nights, etc.).  This is where all your recipes that you want to refer to later will be posted.

The next step is to start your collection.  Think of it as the modern method of clipping recipes out of magazines and saving them in a binder to use later. When you come across a recipe on a website, chances are it has the cute little red “P” button on the post.  Clicking the “P” will open up your Pinterest (you may need to log in), where you can then save that recipe to your chosen board.  Later, when you need to access that recipe again, go directly to your Pinterest board and click on that recipe to open the original link.  No more bookmarking cooking websites! It is so much easier to have all of your recipes in one spot, displayed as a gallery on your Pinterest Board.  It is now your virtual recipe binder.

To take this even further, you can follow other Pinterest boards that you find a lot of great recipes on.  Chances are, you have something in common with the other Pinner, and you may find great recipe links!  These you can Re-Pin directly from Pinterest, and open the link when you want to view it.  (Sometimes I open the link first, to make sure it is active, or a recipe I will actually use).  Here are a few I have found that Pin great healthy recipes: IDEA FIT , TUF Recipes, Clean Eating Recipes, Nat’s Nibbles.

Once you have a nice collection of recipes on your board, you will be able to refer to it whenever you need some dinner inspiration.  Check your board, choose a few that fit your tastes and schedule that week, then hit the grocery store to stock up!  You will be better prepared throughout your week to stick to your healthy eating plan. Let me know what you think!  If you have found a Pinterest Board that has helped you eat better, leave a link in the comments section!

One thought on ““What’s For Dinner?” : Your New Secret Weapon

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