Fit Gift Ideas for Healthy Holidays!

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Find the perfect gift for your friends, family, or maybe even put these on your own wish list!  These 12 fitness products are ones that I personally use and LOVE on a regular basis.  Check them out!  Have any questions about them? Ask me in the comments!

1.  Jawbone UP activity tracker.  I wear my UP band everyday to track how many steps I get in, and how my sleep is!  I can also log in my food intake on the slick APP which runs right on my phone.  Best of all I can track my friends and clients progress as well!

gift up band

2. Nutribullet.  I’ve been making tons of green drinks and smoothies in my nutribullet, and my kids like their smoothies too!  This is a great gift for anyone looking to eat healthier! My basic green drink recipe can be found here.

gift nurtibullet2

3.  Blue Laamb Designs custom jewelry.  Blue Laamb offers custom designed jewelry to express your passions!  They have a whole line dedicated to running, fitness, and yoga!

gift bluelaamb

4.  Resistance Bands.  These are great for anyone who travels and needs to work out on the go!  My online training clients use them to stay in shape when they can’t make it into the gym!

gift bands

5.  Manduka Yoga Mat.  This is the cadillac of yoga mats!  Definitely worth it for the yogi on your list!

gift manduka

6.  Garmin GPS watch.  I have used Garmin Forerunner’s for years and love them!  Keep track of your time, distance, pace, and more!  I am currently using the Forerunner 110 model, there are many to choose from to fit the runner on your list.

gift garmin

7.  Ruffwear Dog Leash.  This hands free dog running leash is the best!  I’ve recently been taking my pup to hit the trails with me, he’s a great motivator! Keep your pet healthy, too!

gift leash

8.  Hammer Nutrition Products.  I love the Hammer bars and the Hammer protein powders.  This is the protein powder I use in my daily smoothies, and also for my kids. They also have endurance fuels that are the absolute best for the endurance athlete on your list.  High quality ingredients.  You can purchase online from Hammer or also purchase through my training facility Flex One Trinity.


9.  Go Pro camera.  So much fun!  Attach it to your bike helmet, wrist, chest, or anywhere!  This little camera just MAKES you want to get outside and have fun!

gift gopro

10.  Ink N Burn Athletic Wear.  This will be the coolest athletic gear under the tree!  They have awesome designs and high quality fabric.  My favorite for running and training!

gift inknburn

11.  Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug.  I love my tea infuser mug,  it is great to relax and unwind with some hot green or herbal tea.

gift tea mug2

12.  Sweaty Bands.  The headband that will not slip!  They come in tons of great colors and patterns and will stay put no matter how active you are!

gift sweaty band

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