Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight…my Aha Moment

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(This was published at FitApproach as a #SweatPink Ambassador post)

My Aha Moment was not just one moment, but many moments where I realize that continuing to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle is a passion of mine.

I got involved in fitness and health after my first son was born (15 years ago) because I knew I wanted to lead an example by taking care of myself and my family.  Along the way I discovered many activities I enjoyed, and achieved many accomplishments such as earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, competing in a women’s fitness competition, becoming an ultramarathon trail runner and Boston Marathon Qualifier, completing a triathlon, and practicing yoga.  Also along the way I encountered many hurdles, setbacks, and obstacles as life seems to hand out.  I got knocked down a few times throughout my journey, but I always knew I could return to health and fitness no matter what my setback was.

There is a Japanese proverb that is read: Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight.  This saying has become my personal mantra for my health and fitness journey.  To always keep going, to always stay committed!

Because of my journey where I had to find commitment and compassion for myself, I found that I have a passion for sharing this with others, inspiring them to find their health and fitness no matter where there are at, no matter what obstacles or setbacks they have had. I want to inspire others to keep getting back up and moving forward!


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