Drink Green… Get Lean

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Are you feeling a bit bloated from the Thanksgiving holiday? Monday is a great day to get back on track with healthy eating, before the holidays have your diet spinning out of control. Try my basic green drink recipe to add in healthy greens and whole fruit into your diet. It is easy to vary, and you can even make it a meal replacement if you like.

My basic green drink recipe is 1/2 cup fresh kale, 1/2 cup fresh spinach, 1 small apple cored and cubed, and 1/2 cup of frozen peaches. Add 1/2 cup – 1 cup cold water, just enough to get the blender going. I use a Nutribullet or a Vitamix, but any high powered blender will do. My kids love this drink and call it “Frog Smoothie.” The apple is the trick to avoiding an overpowering kale taste.

Now is where the creativity comes in! Swap out the peaches for another fruit (I’ve used oranges, mangoes, and cranberries), use all kale or all spinach, add in some “extras” (nuts, hemp seeds, flax meal), or try some new flavors such as freshly grated ginger! If you add a high quality protein powder to this, it can even be a meal replacement. These quick green drinks and smoothies are a great way to get your greens in this holiday season!

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