Where Does Fitness Take You?



In October I attended a yoga workshop taught by Kathryn Budig in Austin, TX. I really loved the workshop until we got to the arm balances. I struggle with arm balances, so I was starting to get very frustrated with myself. I was surrounded by people who were mastering arm balances, and I was still painfully stuck on a basic crow pose. I was ready to just sit back and “take a break” (i.e. quit), but Kathryn noticed me struggling and came to help. She gently encouraged me and gave me strength to keep trying, and I actually made some progress in her class. But that was not all that I took home with me.

I am a personal trainer and I often recognize when my clients are frustrated with themselves, with their bodies, with their physical capabilities. I’ve seen them also want to “take a break” (i.e. quit) when they reach an obstacle that seems too daunting for them. My moment in Kathryn’s class, I was brought to that place where many of my clients are everyday. I could feel the emotions of feeling as if you cannot do something, cannot accomplish what you want. And it was also in that moment that I was able to hear the encouraging words of a teacher, allow her belief in me to become my own belief. I was able to understand that so many of us need someone to lovingly support them, to believe in them. Yoga took me there. Fitness took me there.

There was no secret to what I learned in class, it was belief that I could do it. It still took practice, and I am still working on my “basic crow”, and even getting the hang of some new arm balances!

Where can fitness take you? Where are you frustrated, uncomfortable, or scared? Are you just telling yourself that you are only “taking a break”, or are you quitting and giving up on yourself? Even if you fail at something, it still means you are trying. It is when you stop trying that you really fail. Believe in yourself, and find out where fitness can take you.

2 thoughts on “Where Does Fitness Take You?

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