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5 Minute Quick Yoga Flow for Runners

5 Minute Quick Yoga Flow for Runners

5 Minute Quick Yoga Flow for Runners

This is a great quick yoga flow to do right after a run. It focuses on the hamstrings and hips to release any tension or tightness from running.  Stay in each pose for a few long, slow, breaths (about 30 seconds).

  1. Start in a standing position, weight centered evenly over both feet, torso upright, shoulders relaxed.
  2. Bend forward from the hips, reaching your hands towards the ground.  Relax your shoulders and neck.
  3. Step both feet back into downward facing dog.  You will be pressing evenly through the hands, fingers spread wide, reaching your hips up towards the sky, and your heels towards the ground.
  4. Step the left foot forward next to the left hand into a low lunge.  Sink your hips down low, gaze forward, and straighten the back leg.
  5. Fold the left knee down to the ground, your foot will go across towards the opposite hip, into Pigeon Pose.  Lower the back leg down towards the ground. (**From here, return to step 3, and repeat with the right leg forward**)
  6. Finish your post run stretch with butterfly pose, seated with the feet together and the knees dropping out towards the ground.